Westward Ho Go!

Start your wagon down the trail. Remember, only one wagon at a time. Your tweets must be public to play.

@EzraMeeker, Westward Ho!

Invite Go!

Have someone you know join your wagon. You can have up to four companions.

@EzraMeeker, I'm lonely. Invite @justinbieber to travel the trail with me.

Continue Go!

Wagons automatically stop at landmarks. Use this command to keep going.

@EzraMeeker, this fort is dull. Let's continue.

Rest Go!

Give your party a break! Their health will improve.

@EzraMeeker, I'm tired, let's rest 10 days.

Hunt Go!

This command sends a party member on a hunt for food. Onomonopea is the key here. Say 'bang' for each shot you fire. Also don't forget to call your shot. You can hunt: Bear, Buffalo, Antelope, Deer, Squirrel and Rabbits.

@EzraMeeker, be vewwy quiet. I'm hunting Bear. Oh! Bang! Bang!

Rations Go!

This command allows you to control how much food your settlers consume. This can be useful when food isn't plentiful, but be careful, your settlers health will suffer if they don't get enough to eat. You can set rations to filling, meager or none.

@EzraMeeker, I'm super hungry! Set rations to filling.

Pace Go!

Speed! Set your wagon's pace 3 ways: Steady, Hurried or Gruelling. Ever hear of the parable of the tortoise and the hare?

@EzraMeeker, let's set a gruelling pace. Warp speed! GO!

Ford Go!

You're at a river crossing and you're ready to splash across? Real settlers just ford it! Go on. Drive that wagon in there.

@EzraMeeker, the water feels great. Let's ford this river. Go, go, go!

Caulk Go!

That river crossing looks deep doesn't it? Well, there is no shame in caulking your wagon and floating it across.

@EzraMeeker, we will caulk the wagon and float it. Nice and easy.

Bury Go!

When someone in your party goes to that big wagon train in the sky it is time to bury them. This command buries the deceased and carves an epitaph into a headstone that will be seen by future settlers.

@EzraMeeker, let's bury @justinbieber before he starts to smell. "He gave us all beiber fever."